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IC17 CRIL – Buraca / Pontinha


ETAR de Alcântara


Resíduos Sólidos do Centro


Terminal da Sapec na Mitrena


ETA da Asseiceira


Hospital de Proximidade de Lamego

VIA TÚNEL PGF, is a company dedicated to engineering studies and projects, which has been created in 2004 and since then it has been developing its activities on the engineering areas of Structures and Sanitation, namely ETARS (sewage treatment facilities) and ETAS (Water treatment facilities) and engineering of buildings including its repair as well as its reconstruction.

Besides the activities mentioned above, its main team has been dedicated mostly to the analysis and revision of projects, in order to assure its complete coordination, thus reducing to a minimum all errors and omissions that frequently paralyze all work and also highly inflating costs, without benefit for any of the intervening bodies, especially in relation to the project financer.

In order to meet the client’s interests, and considering the quality laws which rule this activity, it will be appointed for each work a coordinator which will be the technical director or one of his assistants, who will represent the company concerning the contract aspects and assures the fulfilment of the agreed in terms of work quality and delays, to achieve client’s total satisfaction.

Over the past few years VIA TÚNEL PGF has been dedicated mostly to the reconstruction and repair of old Buildings in Baixa Pombalina, Historical Town Centres, and Churches in the Azores, creating therefore a competent structure for this type of interventions, as it can be observed on the company’s main works.

VIA TÚNEL PGF has its headquarters in Lisbon, it has liability insurance and it is presently in the process of application to Quality European System ISO 9001.